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Choose a house design based on its appearance. To quickly find a suitable house, use the buttons below to filter house plans according to the number of bedrooms. You can also choose a house based on its floor plan.
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3 bedroom house plans
House plans of bungalow i110
House i110
3 bedrooms - 112 m2
Width 9.0m, Length 19.7m
House plans of bungalow i105
House i105
3 bedrooms - 106m2
Width 8.4m, Length 15.9m
House plans of bungalow L110
House L110
3 bedrooms - 114m2
Width 12.8m, Length 13.7m
House plans of bungalow O130
House O130
4 bed / 3+g - 130m2
Width 13.6m, Length 12.8m
House plans of bungalow O120
House O120
3 bedrooms - 120m2
Width 13.5m, Length 12.0m
House plans of bungalow O115
House O115
3 bedrooms - 115m2
Width 12.0m, Length 12.77m
House plans of bungalow O110
House O110
3 bedrooms - 110m2
Width 12.8m, Length 10.8m
House plans of bungalow i95
House i95
3 bedrooms - 97m2
Width 8.8m, Length 14.05m
House plans of Family house i2-120
House i2-120
3 bedrooms - 125m2
Width 6.8m, Length 15.05m
House plans of bungalow o100
House O100
3 bedrooms - 100m2
Width 13.6m, Length 9.1m
House plans of bungalow i92
House i92
3 bedrooms - 92m2
Width 8.8m, Length 13.85m
House plans of bungalow i120
House i120
3 bedrooms - 122m2
Width 9.3m, Length 16.3m
House plans of bungalow i115
House i115
3 bedrooms - 114m2
Width 9.9m, Length 15.9m
House plans of bungalow i102
House i102
3 bedrooms - 102m2
Width 8.8m, Length 14.55m
House plans of bungalow i86
House i86
3 bedrooms - 85m2
Width 9.5m, Length 12.45m
House plans of bungalow o135
House O135
4 bed / 3+g - 134 m2
Width 12.5m, Length 13.25m
House plans of bungalow l135
House L135
4 bed / 3+g - 137m2
Width 13.0m, Length 14.8m
House plans of bungalow o140
House O140
4 bed / 3+g - 142m2
Width 13.3m, Length 14.45m
House plans of bungalow O80
House O80
3 bedrooms - 83m2
Width 10.3m, Length 10.3m
House plans of bungalow L105
House L105
3 bedrooms - 103m2
Width 10.95m, Length 15.30m
House plans of Family house O2-130
House O2-130
3 bedrooms - 139m2
Width 12.6m, Length 9.9m
House plans of bungalow L115
House L115
3 bedrooms - 117m2
Width 15.3m, Length 14.05m
House plans of bungalow o87
House O87
3 bedrooms - 87m2
Width 11.7m, Length 9.4m
House plans of bungalow O105
House O105
3 bedrooms - 103m2
Width 10.3m, Length 13.3m
House plans of Family house i2-124
House i2-124
3 bedrooms - 123m2
Width 12.0m, Length 7.9m
House plans of bungalow with garage - L110G
House L110G
3 bed + gar - 147m2
Width 16.8m, Length 13.7m
House plans of bungalow with garage - O120G
House O120G
3 bed + gar - 160m2
Width 17.4m, Length 12.0m
House plans of bungalow with flat roof - O120P
House O120P
3 bedrooms - 119m2
Width 13.5m, Length 12.0m
House plans of bungalow O107
House O107
3 bedrooms - 107m2
Width 11.65m, Length 12.15m
House plans of bungalow L118
House L118
3 bedrooms - 118m2
Width 14.65m, Length 14.4m
2 bedroom house plans
House plans of bungalow o85
House O85
2 bedrooms - 87m2
Width 10.95m, Length 10.8m
House plans of bungalow L75
House L75
2 bedrooms - 76m2
Width 9.1m, Length 11.9m
House plans of bungalow L90
House L90
2 bedrooms - 87m2
Width 11.0m, Length 12.2m
House plans of bungalow i65
House i65
2 bedrooms - 66m2
Width 7.7m, Length 11.15m
House plans of bungalow i85
House i85
2 bedrooms - 85m2
Width 12.3m, Length 8.8m
House plans of bungalow i100
House i100
2 bedrooms - 104m2
Width 7.05m, Length 18.8m
4 bedroom house plans
House plans of Family house i2-140
House i2-140
4 bedrooms - 141m2
Width 8.4m, Length 11.2m
House plans of Family house L2-145
House L2-145
4 bedrooms - 145m2
Width 10.05m, Length 11.6m
House plans of bungalow L120
House L120
4 bedrooms - 120m2
Width 13.0m, Length 14.15m
1 bedroom house plans
House plans of bungalow o50
House O50
1 bedroom - 50m2
Width 8.45m, Length 7.95m
House plans of bungalow L50
House L50
1 bedroom - 52m2
Width 7.7m, Length 11.15m
Plans of double garage
Double garage
Double garage - 36m2
Width 6.4m, Length 6.4m
Plans of double garage with back storage
Double garage + back storage
Double garage - 43m2
Width 6.4m, Length 8.4m
Plans of double garage with side storage
Double garage + side storage
Double garage - 43m2
Width 8.4m, Length 6.4m
Plans of garage
Garage - 19m2
Width 3.6m, Length 6.4m
Plans of garage with storage
Garage with storage
Garage - 25m2
Width 3.6m, Length 8.4m
Individual design of family houses
Individual designs
We would be pleased to design a unique house according to your needs
Ready-made house plan or individual design?

Only a very small percentage of new houses are designed by architect directly. Most people buy readymade house plans, or in the case of more complex situation, they contract a construction engineer who looks more on technical aspects of the design than the appearance of the building. The most valuable asset the architect can bring to the project is his creativity. Even if you have a well-developed sense of aesthetics, an experienced architect can bring interesting ideas which you have never considered. Such creative input into the design can change your home from a purely functional to a truly exceptional. But it raises a question, whether the individually designed house is not an unnecessary luxury?

If you find a ready-made house plan, which meets almost all of your requirements, you will definitely save some money (typically you would save around € 2,000 compared to an individual project) and you will also save some time that is required for completion of such a project (usually 2-3 months). In this case, it makes no sense to think of an individually designed house. However, if you cannot find such a house, or you're looking for a unique house, feel free to contact us. We can help you design a house tailored exactly to your needs!

When will be my house plan ready?

Usual delivery time is within 10 working days after receipt of 20% deposit (charged from the total price of the house plan). If you order modifications of the house plan, delivery time may be extended according to the scope and complexity of ordered modifications.

What are the options for my house plan delivery?

Your house plan can be either picked up in person in our office in Bratislava, or we'll send it by mail to the specified address (shipping and handling fee is included in the price of the house plan). You can find address of our office as well as other contact information on our contact page.

How many times can I use my house plan?

Each house plan is bound to your specific parcel number, so it can be used only for the construction of one family house.

What does our house plans include?

1. Architecture  - accompanying report, summary technical report, drawings in scale 1:50 - foundations, all floor plans, section, roof, all elevations, details, schedules of floors, windows, doors, walls, and budget.

2. Statics - technical report, structural analysis, ceiling drawings, reinforcement of floor plates, beams, columns and stairways, material schedule.

3. Heating - technical report, calculation of energy consumption for heating, central heating piping, boiler installation scheme, heating element dimensions and material report with budget. Heating is designed in two alternatives - for gas or electric boiler (the client can choose their alternative)

4. Waste Disposal & Water Supply - technical report, water supply drawing, waste disposal drawing, gas supply drawing and schedules.

5. Electricity - technical report, outlets, lights and other electical equipment, low-voltage wiring, switchboard, alternative for gas or electric heating, schedules.

6. Fire Safety project - technical report and drawings in scale 1:100

The contents of our house plans are described in more detail in the document Contents of house plans.

Why do we name houses with letter and number code?

Letter in the name of a house represents its basic floor plan shape I, L or O. Number in its title represents the approximate area of all rooms in the house. When there is the number "2 -" before the number code, it means that it is a two-storey house. Thanks to this naming you will know directly from the house name the most important information such as its shape, size and the number of floors.

What do I need to provide to get a building permit?

You can find detailed information on building permit in Slovakia in our section Information and advice - how to get a building permit.
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