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The essential service of our architectural office, to which we provide other related services, is the creation of individual architectural design (unique for the given locality and client) through collaborative design approach. This approach consists of consultations, during which we try to closely specify the investor's requirements on the future building (you will realize that most of the requirements will emerge during the consultations, where we try to get the maximum information to ensure that the future building fulfills your high expectations).

The philosophy of our service lies in the sensitive design. We design with respect to the nature and the scale of surrounding buildings, we try to maximize the utilization of the orientation, slope and the geometric ratio of the site and  incorporatie all relevant requirements (within the range of current legislation and standards STN). We also try to create better construction solutions that will simplify the construction of your building.
Architectural study, construction drawings
We believe that good technical, cost effective and sustainable design solutions in a form of a high quality project will bring back many times money you put into, not only during the construction process, but mainly during the life of your building.
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