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Price bid analysis

After completion of the construction drawings with detailed itemized budget, there comes the phase of evaluating the building construcion process by selected contractors.

Accepted price bids have to be carefully analysed, not only looking at the final price, which may be very misleading. Many contractors, due to a lower final price, replace items in the budget by similar ones but not of the same quality, eventually they put zero quantity for particular items, what creates space for future possibility of increasing the final price of construction works.

Complex objective evaluation of all received price bids is a challenging task even for experienced professionals, so we believe that for a person not in the field it is almost impossible task. We recommend to make a tender with at least two rounds, especially for larger projects, followed by individual interviews with the representatives of the two best evaluated companies.

The service of addressing contracting companies, analysis of the price bids, evaluation and assistance in the selection of final building contractor, is billed individually by mutual agreement with the investor.
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