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Architectural services

We will be happy to design a unique building tailored to your specific needs and requirements. In our office, we mainly focus on residential buildings - from small family houses to large apartment buildings, but we have also designed many industrial buildings and other specific types buildings. For more information about the buildings we designed and prepared construction drawings for, please visit our References

Scope of our services

Each project consists of several phases which can be merged in some cases:

Architectural study

The architectural study represents the first basic phase of each project. At this stage, we identify the main requirements of our client, we deal with the mass and layout of the building, the genius loci and the analysis of the investor's land. If the client has a fairly clear idea about the future construction, we try to transfer it as fast as possible to the paper and refine it at this stage.

Zoning compliance

Second phase is the project for zoning compliance (for family houses this phase is merged with the project for building permit), where the building obtains more specific contours - precisely defined maximum object’s height, distances from the boundaries of the site and surrounding buildings, building layouts, structural height, the connection points for utility networks, preliminary project of statics, fire protection, HVAC etc.

Building permit drawings

Third phase is the project for building permit. It is particularly important in terms of the possibility of immediate commencement of construction works after the effective date of the building permit from the local building authority. Project for building permit is worked out to such an extent that it is possible to construct the building according to it, although with some limitations. Especially for larger and more complex objects, the level of the project for building permit is insufficient (for this reason, you need more detailed construction drawings & specifications, according to which the building is then constructed).

Construction drawings and specifications

The last project phase before construction itself, but it is also the most important one. Compared to the project for building permit, it contains specifications of materials and quantities and selected critical construction details. Processed in 1:50 scale, some parts up to 1:20, it contains a detailed technical report and clearly itemized budget  of the whole projected building.

Prices of our service

Pricing for architectural services depends on a number of factors such as the size of the building, the estimated construction costs, the number of overground and underground floors of the building, the slope of the terrain as well as the complexity of the solutions and details required by the client.

The binding price for a specific project is based on a price offer that we will send to you according to your individual requirements.

Indicative prices can be found in our pricelist.
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