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Site supervision

Site supervisor has an irreplaceable role in the process of the building realization. He checks the course of the construction, concordance with the project documentation, technological sequence of contractors work, quality and identity of utilized materials (this is not always absolutely possible) and mainly checks the invoices from the contractor, to ensure that only the items and only in such a quantity in which they were realized, were also invoiced. Only after signing the invoices by the site supervisor shall these be subsequently reimbursed by the investor (should be agreed in writing).

Some contractors offer they will ensure site supervisor for the investor, but he is therefore not independent and there is some risk that he will be helpful just to the contractor.

We carry out site supervision therefore only for buildings designed by us, because we believe that the one who designed the building, is best able to check the concordance with the project documentation, sequence of work of the contractor and subcontractors, as well eventual proposed changes during the course of the building construction.
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