Obnova bytových domov

Renovation of apartment buildings

Modernization of panel apartment buildings  - a large part of these buildings is modernized by the use of external thermal insulation composite system applied to the external walls, eventually accompanied by a remediation of the defects, whose state already requires such an intervention. Each type of panel apartment building (e.g. BA-NKS, P1.14, P1.15, T06 B, T08 B, PV-2 and others) requires specific level of knowledge, on the basis of whose it is possible to remediate and modernize them. Many people think, that panel apartment buildings are each the same, but this statement is only partially true.

Panel buildings have exterior walls of different material bases from the light-weight concrete, through buckled autoclaved to sandwich with reinforced concrete and thermal insulator polystyren or mineral felt (depends on the date of realization). Over the years of construction, each system changed, to adapt to the current situation of the time (not always meant to improve their performance, primarily due to an effort to save construction costs), changing the volume layout, carrier modules, different regional alternatives emerged from the regional project institutes and so on. For these reasons, there is a need for individual approach to each individual panel building, to compare the actual state with the original project documentation and above all detect carefully all defects of the object (not only those system ones for grant obtaining).

Subsequently, we have to propose the way of each defect removal, in the case of sandwich envelope panels it is appropriate to perform anchoring of the reinforced concrete membrane (if we want to ensure its planned lifetime of the next 30 to 50 years). Projects of complex modernization of panel buildings shall always be done in the level of realization project. If the financial capacity allows the inhabitants, it is appropriate to perform the entire remediation and modernization at once, eventually divide it into logical units to minimize the negative impacts of time periods among construction works.

Main reasons for modernization of apartment buildings:

1.  Extension of building lifetime
2.  Energy savings on heating
3.  Better aesthetical and architectural quality of building
4.  Higher wall surface temperature - better thermal comfort of its inhabitants
5.  Overall increase in financial value of building
Obnova bytových domov
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