Plans of Bungalow O130

Family house O130

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Modern 3 bedroom bungalow with a garage or 4 bedrooms
In this house you will find plenty of storage space in the form of pantry, central wardrobe, laundry and storage space in the attic.
Bungalow O130 - View from street
Bungalow O130 - View from garden
Bungalow O130 - Living room towards kitchen
Bungalow O130 - Living room towards garden
Bungalow O130 - Children's room 1
Bungalow O130 - Children's room 2
Bungalow O130 - Master bedroom
Bungalow O130 - Master bedroom
Bungalow O130 - Interior - Entry Hall
Bungalow O130 - Interior - Bathroom
Bungalow O130 - Interior - Aerial view
Bungalow O130 - Interior - Aerial view
House for family with a dynamic lifestyle. Plenty of room, garage with storage as well as utility room directly accessible from the exterior. The house is logically divided into day and night zone. There are two nearly identical children's bedrooms, the master bedroom with access to the terrace and a spacious living room with fireplace. Dining area is located between the kitchen and living room, thanks to the abundance of space, it is possible to place a large folding table here, needed for family gatherings. The house has plenty of storage in the bedrooms as well as in the space under the roof, where many seasonal things can be stored. Family house O130 - it is joy of living here each day.

Technical information
The walls are designed from aerated concrete blocks, which can be easily switched for bricks during construction, if desired. The roof is a truss roof and we designed a storage space for seasonal items there. There is floor heating designed in the whole house.

Architectural features
The house is designed as a combination of white plaster and a ceramic cladding of red color. The roofing is concrete of red color, the windows are wooden of natural color.


The interior colors and materials are a combination of white and light beige and wood. The dominant fireplace optically separates the living room from the dining and kitchen areas.

Floor plan

If you would like to modify the floor plan, please contact us. Approximate prices of house modifications can be found in our price list of additional services.Mirrored version of house plan is included in price (optional).
House plan O130 - Floor plan
House plan O130 - Floor plan - Mirrored
This house can be ordered either in a variant with 4 bedrooms and a garage or with 5 bedrooms without a garage.
House plan O130 - Floor plan option with 4 bedrooms
House plan O130 - Floor plan option with 4 bedrooms - Mirrored
Mirrored floor plan is displayed
Original floor plan is displayed


Floor area
129.86 m2
Built-up area
161.63 m2
Roof height
6 125 mm
Roof slope
Number of bedrooms
3+garage or 4
Exterior dimensions
13.3 m x 12.5 m
Material costs
67 000 €
Turnkey construction costs
122 000 €
Architectural study in pdf
80 €  (only digital files)
Architectural study in dwg
250 €  (only digital files)
Construction drawings price
1 200 €
Non-binding pre-order

Download more information

For each project you bought from us, we offer site plan drawing as well as the projects of all necessary connections for a discounted price. For further information, please refer to our price list of additional services
More information about this house
House plan O130 - More information
Download floor plan of this house
House O130 - Floor plan in pdf

360° Virtual tour

Experience the space of this house through a 360° tour. This tour is based on selected spaces in which you are able to rotate view freely and see the area around you.
Tours of other rooms from this house can be found at our Youtube page - House O130 - Virtual Tour 360°


Bungalow O130 - Right elevation
Bungalow O130 - Front elevation
Bungalow O130 - Left elevation
Bungalow O130 - Back elevation
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