Why a house plan from us

Since 2010, we have been members of the Slovak Chamber of Architects and since 2016 also members of the Czech Chamber of Architects. As authorized architects we are bound by the authorization and disciplinary order of the respective chamber. In addition, we have a professional liability insurance for a maximum of € 165,000.
Slovak chamber of Architects
Czech chamber of Architects

For each house plan bought we will also give you an e-project (project in electronic form)

In the electronic project you will find all the drawings and schedules in pdf format as well as the material report and the budget of the construction in Excel format. This way, you can save a lot of time communicating with contractors because you just send them your house plans simply via email. This way you can have relevant price bids from contractors in faster and more comfortable way.

We offer high quality plans, including a drawing of typical details

We strive to offer house plans of the highest quality that we continually improve through the feedback from our clients.
Projekt domu - pohľad na projekt

More than 1 000 of satisfied clients

We have more than 1 000 of satisfied clients whom we have prepared drawings from our collection of ready made house plans or whom we have designed individual houses. In addition, we are also engaging in the design of larger buildings, many of which are currently under construction. For more information, see the section our references

Sufficiently large rooms and practical storage space in every house plan

We design each family house in such a way to minimize dead space and maximize usable space. All furnishings (furniture, kitchen, toilet, bathtub, etc.) that we have drawn in the presentation floor plans are of real size and are not unfairly scaled down to make seem rooms larger than in reality. Our house plans can therefore look a bit smaller than some of our competitors. The dimensions of the furniture we are using in our designs are shown below.
Dimensions of furniture we use in our desings
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