Family house DJS O100

House plan O100 - View from garden
Modern low-energy bungalow of rectangular shape suitable for sites from width of 17.60 m (clearance 2.0m on both sides). The house is divided into day zone and private zone which is increasing the level of privacy of its residents.Covered approach from the street side shelters in bad weather. Behind it you can find entry hall with storage space. Living room is combined with kitchen, but in case you prefer two separate rooms, it can be divided by wall. There is a large patio connected with living room through large glazed wall, which is ideally orientated towards south. Private zone of the house contains three bedrooms with bathroom.
Bungalow O100 - View from street
Bungalow O100 - View from garden
Bungalow O100 - Interior
Bungalow O100 - Interior
Floor plan
If you would like to modify the floor plan, please contact us. Approximate prices of house modifications can be found in our price list of additional services. Mirrored version of house plan is included in price (optional).
Bungalow O100 - Floor plan
Bungalow O100 - Floor plan - Mirrored
Mirrored floor plan is displayed
Original floor plan is displayed
Floor area
100.49 m2
Built-up area
127.98 m2
Roof height
5 170 mm
Roof slope
Number of bedrooms
Exterior dimensions
13.6 m x 9.1 m
Material costs
50 000 €
Turnkey construction costs
90 000 €
Construction drawings price
1 100 €
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House plan O100 - More information
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House O100 - Floor plan in pdf
For each project you bought from us, we offer site plan drawing as well as the projects of all necessary connections for a discounted price. For further information, please refer to our price list of additional services
Construction photos
Bungalow O100 - Under construction
Bungalow O100 - Under construction
Bungalow O100 - Under construction
Bungalow O100 - Under construction
Bungalow O100 - Right elevation
Bungalow O100 - Front elevation
Bungalow O100 - Left elevation
Bungalow O100 - Back elevation
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