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Urban study Zichyho Tably B1

The area of Zichyho tably, sector B/1, which addresses the urban study, is defined by junction of Petržalská street and extended Záhumenná street, located at the entrance to the urbanized area of Bratislava - Čunovo. The total area is 1.73 hectares.

The purpose of this urban study was to elaborate more detailed zoning plan for this area according to the applicable zoning plan of the City of Bratislava, 2007, as amended, which
in the present territory defines the functional use of low-rise residential development area, code B/102, developing territory. Urban study verifies the usefulness of the real area of
​​interest for the development of residential buildings in the form of individual family homes.
Text part of the urban study
Urban study - Part 1 - Texts (only in Slovak)
Assignment of the urban study
Assignment of the urban study (only in Slovak)
Graphic part of the urban study
Urban study - Part 2 - Graphic (only in Slovak)
Evaluation of the opinions
Evaluation of the opinions (only in Slovak)
In accordance with the results of the public hearing, this study serves as a basis for guiding investment activities in the area and as a basis for land use decisions of the Construction Authority.
Phase: Urban study     Design: DJS Architecture     Project date: 09/2012     Construction: 07/2014     Site: Bratislava, Slovakia
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