Family house DJS O120

House plan O120 - View from garden
Perfect size of rooms, plenty of storage space and a sheltered terrace ensures that this bungalow is an ideal house for a family of four. The house has a separate private zone with bedrooms which ensures a higher degree of privacy to its inhabitants. The living room faces the garden and is also accessible from the terrace of the house. Kitchen has a window facing the street overlooking the entrance. Pantry, which is next to kitchen, is directly ventilated by a window on the facade. Kitchen can be separated from the living room by a partition. This house can be ordered also with flat roof.
Bungalow O120 - View from street
Bungalow O120 - View from garden
Bungalow O120 - Interior
Bungalow O120 - Interior
Bungalow O120 - Dining room
Bungalow O120 - Living room
Bungalow O120 - Corner bedroom
Bungalow O120 - Middle bedroom
Bungalow O120 - Kitchen
Bungalow O120 - Master bedroom
Bungalow O120 - Living room
Bungalow O120 - Bathroom
3D virtual tour
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Floor plan
If you would like to modify the floor plan, please contact us. Approximate prices of house modifications can be found in our price list of additional services.Mirrored version of house plan is included in price (optional).
Bungalow O120 - Floor plan
Bungalow O120 - Floor plan - Mirrored
Mirrored floor plan is displayed
Original floor plan is displayed
Floor area
120.12 m2
Built-up area
149.42 m2
Roof height
5 275 mm
Roof slope
Number of bedrooms
Exterior dimensions
13.5 m x 12.0 m
Material costs
65 000 €
Turnkey construction costs
115 000 €
Construction drawings price
1 100 €
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Bungalow O120 - More information
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Bungalow O120 - Floor plan in pdf
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Construction photos
More information and pictures about construction of this house can be found on the Bungalow O120 construction
Bungalow O120 - Under construction
Bungalow O120 - Under construction
Bungalow O120 - Under construction
Bungalow O120 - Under construction
Bungalow O120 - Right elevation
Bungalow O120 - Front elevation
Bungalow O120 - Left elevation
Bungalow O120 - Back elevation
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